“Matrix Revealed”

“Matrix Revealed”

Text: Julienne Dolphin Wilding

Fotoalbum ansehen. The core and its constructionenvironmental Art

Fotografien im Auftrag der Künstlerin und High Lodge Forest Park, Norfolk. Forestry Commission, England März 2004 als Dokumentation des Projektes, Pressefotos und für eine Postkarte,

The core sample: Matrix Revealed. High Lodge Forest Park, England.

Core sample, artist statement

There is a theme, which runs through all my public artwork and that is a ‘conspiracy to disconcert’. I wish to create illusion and deception in the landscape. The purpose of this conspiracy is to entice the park visitors to look closer, to investigate their surroundings more acutely, and to be more alert. I hope to achieve this by constructing an artwork that acts as a double take: a second look occasioned by surprise.

On my research visit to High Lodge Forest Park I went to Grimes Graves an extensive group of Neolithic flint mines. The mines are unique in England comprising over 300 pits and shafts …
We live on the earth’s surface but are mainly oblivious to what is below us. I felt strongly about bringing the Grimes Graves shaft up to the surface and a geological core sample was an obvious way of doing it.

Stratigraphy of core sample
(As seen from the base)
Cretaceous period:
Soft chalk 180,000,000 years old
Glacial drifts and post ice age superficial deposits:
Flint layer in chalk rubble
Rough and smooth black flint in chalk sand matrix.
Wall stone flint in pipe clay.
Pale yellowish brown chalk sand, stony high level gravel.
Upper crust flint in strong brown sandy loam
Chalk flour and chalk-sand drift.
Toppings flint in pale yellowish brown sand.
Flint Stone hand axes
Deer skulls and antlers in pale yellowish brown loamy sand.
Brown slightly humus sands.
Strong brown sandy loam, rabbit burrows and roots.

Foundation: A ten-ton block of concrete.
Steel inner tube/mast 457mm diam.10mm thick 12 metres high welded onto base plate.
24 ‘mill stone rings’ mounted onto mast and bedded in with mortar joints.
Finished sculpture: 13m high, 11.5m visible. Diam.1m. Total weight 25 tons.

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